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State Enterprise Centre of Registers
Lvivo g. 25-101, 09230 Vilnius

Phone +370 5 268 8262

Legal entity's code 124110246, VAT No LT241102419.
Suspension of elektroninis.lt by phone
If you lose your cryptographic USB token or smart card or if it is stolen, or if your PIN code is compromised, you can suspend its validity by calling 24/7 the following phone number: +370 5 268 8388.

The certificate’s validity is suspended for 1 (one) month, after the customer identifies himself/herself as the holder of the certificate. A qualified certificate can be re-activated only by the customer, who should bring his/her USB token or smart card and personal identification document to any branch or unit of the Centre of Registers within 1 (one) month after the suspension of the certificate. If, at the end of that period, the customer fails to arrive at the Centre of Registers, the validity of the certificate will be revoked.