Prepare your computer

Preparation of a computer for work with depends on e-signature software used on it. This software is for computers running on the Windows operating system.

Giesecke & Devrient USB tokens and smart cards are designed to be used only on computers with Windows operating systems.
IMPORTANT: In early August 2017, the State Enterprise Centre of Registers started distributing a new model of USB (Gesiecke & Devrient) tokens (see picture), which work properly only with Windows operating systems that are newer than Windows XP (i.e. new Gesiecke & Devrient USB tokens do not work on computers running on Windows XP).

Attention! Do not connect the token to the computer until you complete the installation of all the necessary software.
Important: To guarantee security and reliability, we recommend that you use an electronic signature creation application that ensures that, after use, the password (PIN) of electronic signature creation devices is not stored in cache memory for an indefinitely long period of time.

Install the software required for the e-signature device you are using:

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Smart card Smart card Giesecke & Devrient Install
Cryptographic USB token Cryptographic USB token Giesecke & Devrient Install
Mobile phone Mobile phone Instructions how to activate e-signature certificates View
Adobe Reader settings Adobe Reader settings For viewing PDF documents, signed with the e-signature Install
Other files and instructions Other files and instructions For the preparation of your computer on your own View root certificates root certificates Install